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Medical - PACS, DICOM & Disc Solutions

  Medical Epson PP-100
Key Features & Benefits
  • Output DICOM Images to CD & DVD
  • Fully Automated Recording & Printing using the Epson PP-100
  • Can be used with any DICOM Viewer
  • Attended or unattended job submission
  • Archiving functionalities
  • Database logging: "Where is what?"
  • Ease of Use - Inexpensive
  • Multiple Language Versions

Perennity Dicom offers a turnkey solution for the medical industry to output Dicom images from any modality or PACS system to CD or DVD. While dramatically reducing production costs compared to traditional film, CD and DVD can as well be used for archiving purposes as for the exchange of Dicom data (images, video, reports, ...) between hospitals, doctors and patients.

Perennity uses Epson discproducer PP-100 CD/DVD autoloaders (robots) to fully automate the CD/DVD recording and printing. Its operation can be 'attended', where a human action will trigger the writing processes, or 'unattended', in which case Perennity automatically generates the discs grouped by series, study or patient. A Dicom viewer can be added to every CD, offering convenient browsing and image manipulation functionality (changing colors, brightness, measurements...).


Perennity Dicom uses a central database (MySQL or MS SQL Server) to log all operations and keep track of which media contain which data. For archiving purposes you may optionally decide to keep available on the Perennity server all processed data - with the possibility to resubmit it to CD/DVD later on.

How it Works

Epson PP-100 & Perennity Diagram

To find out more details or pricing please Call +44 (0)1264 335118 or Email info@handisc.co.uk